The PPT is a premium site developed by iBankCoin that provides traders with a rich set of technological resources and community support for finding trading opportunities and making more informed decisions.

Our platform quantitatively ranks over 4,000 stocks, ETFs, industries, and broader market indexes according to the proprietary algorithms developed by the traders at iBankCoin. It embraces both fundamental and technical analysis, yielding a "hybrid score" for each issue that reflects a vast array of trading considerations from both of the two major disciplines. Despite the secretive nature of our proprietary algorithms, the rankings and indicators they produce are 100% transparent. Every signal for each stock is meticulously archived and made to be accessible for personal backtesting.

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The PPT's Proprietary IndicatorThe PPT's proprietary market indicators endeavor to identify overbought and oversold conditions -- not only for individual stocks and industries, but also for the US equities market as a whole.

Per stock archivesIn keeping with our policy of total transparency, we've included several tools for quickly showing you how these indicators have performed for each stock in the past. Every signal is archived in detail, allowing you to judge for yourself how effective The PPT's various signals are from stock-to-stock.

Signal Accuracy pageWe also have a "signal accuracy" page that allows you to quickly see which of the indicators are most reliable, and also for which holding periods they are most useful. For example, one stock might best respond "Technical Oversold" signals as a day trade, while another stock might best respond to "Hybrid Overbought" signals as a swing trade. As such, we make it easy for you to know how confident you can be in each signal, as well as for how long the stock should be held for following the issuance of its underlying signal.

Signals in the screenerOf course, you don't have to look at every stock one-by-one to find the ideal set-up. Our screener has over 100 fields for the sole purpose of finding trades that are suited for a particular signal (or set of signals). For example, the screener is capable of finding stocks that have consistently gone up for three days following the issuance of a "Technical Oversold" signal. From there, you could refine your search by pairing this signal with other fields in the screener (such as seasonality data, market cap, P/E ratios, etc.). In this sense, The PPT is flexible enough to fit most any trading style.

SeasonalityThe PPT also features a set of seasonality tools that will help you identify stocks with unusual performance in a given month. Fully integrated into our screener, you can quickly scan your watchlists or screener queries for seasonalality-related signals.

The PPT's User Notes ExchangeIn addition to all of its great trading tools, The PPT has a vibrant community of expert traders. Insights and trades are shared in real-time amongst hundreds of active subscribers by way of The PPT's private, Twitter-like platform. We also have an active forum where our members exchange trading ideas and help each other grow.

The PPT's Custom IndicesThe PPT also features various custom indices and watchlists created by The Fly. For example, Fly's 4G index contains a listing of what he deems to be the most relevant, must-watch stocks in the smartphone industry.

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My story is one of the rewards that Mr. The Fly has earned with the pursuit of his eccentric genius.

After two years of personal study I began trading and investing for myself, friends, and family in 2006. For the next two years I was successful, but mediocre, with gains in the low teens. I have been a loyal follower of this site since 2008.

I found iBankCoin from a former blogger, and being not stupid, I immediately saw the tremendous value in a PPT subscription, and registered. (Note, this was a moment of decision that has affected my entire family.)

Following Mr. The Fly as he proceeds through various personalities, and offers glimpses of his brilliant strategies, via ibankcoin, does provide terrific free edutainment. If your goal is to be entertained, simply continue to read iBC.

If you want to make more money, register for the PPT.

I have enjoyed the unique and essential screening and analysis tools the PPT provides, the crucial team checks and balances of 12631, and access to hundreds of research reports I would have otherwise had no (or expensive) access to. It has made all the difference.

I now have had the freedom to pursue additional entrepreneurial efforts, thanks to my trading and investing gains. I have become an intelligent researcher and analyzer. My children have more.

This man, his team, and the community he’s built have my loyalty and gratitude. He makes the site’s name true.

My gains last year (2010) were 64%. The year before (2009), 86%. I’m up over 20% thus far in 2011. (June 10, 2011)

- "TraderJoe" (PPT Subscriber)

The PPT is a must for any professional investor. The PPT will enhance everything you have learned over the years. The PPT is a great tool not only for short term trading but more inportantly long term investing.

The PPT enables an investor/trader to scan for their favorite features/statistics of any and all stocks. Rather than searching individual companies for countless hours, the PPT will target anything you may be looking for. Technicals? Check. Fundies? Check. Overbought/Oversold? Check.

So do yourself a favor and give the PPT a look. One good stock pick will pay for a lifetime sub to the PPT.

- "Bullish" (PPT Subscriber)

Many many subscriptons I had. Comparing and searching for the best trading sytems that could be found. After years I found it….the PPT. The Hybrid Score is unbeatable in its performance. I can’t trade without it. Thanks Fly for sharing I dont know if I would have shared this algo if I invented it my self.

- "dvk1970" (PPT Subscriber)

I am a part time trader. I know I am missing out on a lot of things the PPT has to offer.

But the chatter by itself is invaluable, as the powers of the PPT have drawn a lot a fine traders around its light. And trading according to the overall hybrid score has minted me some nice coin I wouldn’t have made without it.

My gains before becoming a Distinguished Gentleman were huge, being long silver with 75% of the portfolio at times. But it was not until i read the writing of Mr. Gint and Le Fly that it dawned to me how to properly play this game.

- "Dazydee" (PPT Subscriber)

I think the PPT is a terrific combination of ideas, and an opportunity to not only bank coin but to learn along the way, to learn how to trade, what to trade, to learn about when to go for it and when to back down some, and to learn about how you as an individual should participate in the market. Well done, I like combining both the ppt and the public site, and I like that The Fly periodically has that one top pick that he has the conviction to stay with along side a well thought out thesis. There is more to learn, and I look forward to continued advice and chat to help navigate these markets, which can be wild, we know this.

- "mindthegap99" (PPT Subscriber)
The PPT is a phenomenon and beyond accurate. It has saved me more than a few times from "taking" technical set ups that lack a solid fundamental base. The hybrid scoring system is genius and Fly is not of this earth. I couldn’t imagine trading without it. (July 9, 2011)
- "rago222" (PPT Subscriber)
I love the PPT and Mr. Fly. I have made real good money following his picks. He has an incredible talent. The transparency of Mr. Fly’s Buys and Sells are priceless. I’ve also had success with a few stocks that he did not add to his portfolio, but mentions as interesting. He is honest if he sells to early and even mentions regretting not buying. I religiously follow every Fly post and make sure that I am up to date with his current buys, sells and stock under consideration. He is an actual Stock Picking Genius! (July 8, 2011)
- "russell54" (PPT Subscriber)
I love it, being fairly new, I still haven’t fully digested all the features and can see it will take many more months to get fair use of the engine. I am only out of first gear and into second. Perhaps next year this time I will be in 5th? (July 8, 2011)
- "TheArtist" (PPT Subscriber)
I keep waiting for the "Authorities" to shut down The PPT – It’s so good it must be illegal! (July 8, 2011)
- "ecchymosis" (PPT Subscriber)
Being someone who subscribes to multiple websites and uses multiple charting tools, I found it hard to believe that The Fly’s PPT Pitch would live up to its billing. Now after 15 months as a subscriber I am pretty confident that the sales pitch was woefully inadequate. The PPT is flawless, but somehow still gets better with each new feature added. (July 9, 2011)
- "ccassara" (PPT Subscriber)
Successful investing is a testament in one’s ability to obtain and distill information, whether it be fundamental, technical, or statistical. I’ve found that the PPT absolutely cut down and saved me countless hours of research because of its efficiency in presenting the essential relevant data, from ALL investment styles. It is unmatched by any other investment engine because I can instantly screen stocks for monthly seasonality over the lifetime of the stock’s history, add in short percent of float, maybe add stocks within a 10% of their 52-wk high, and then put in the contingency that all results must contain keywords like “social media” in their company description! I can then look at earnings multiples or cash flow, look at their charts, and make an intelligent decision. The options are so adaptable that it greatly simplifies the narrowing process that hinders other stock screening programs. There is no other service that can accomplish such a task and clearly present data to the investor. For the professional or novice, the community of subscribers on the PPT are there to offer additional insight into company news and assist with the information aggregation and investment processes. My favorite aspect is the ability to actively watch consistently top performing money managers like The Fly, with complete transparency. Being in the same community of such success constantly motivates me to find new ways to use the PPT and become exponentially better at investing with every new day. (July 9, 2011)
- "The_Real_Hmmm" (PPT Subscriber)
In all seriousness, not quite sure how to write a sufficient testamonial – one which would encompass the mysteries and magic of the PPT along with the “do it yourself” nature of this place. The former is easy – one only need look at the charts to see the OB/OS points – I mean wow. But the latter….you give us the tools and trust us enough to get out of our ways. For me at least, I have to suceed on my own – I cannot be spoonfed trades or else I’ll eventually puke back all the winnings. Here at least, when I do something stupid – it’s my problem and I have the responsibility of learning from it – and when I do something right – I have the responsibility of learning from this too. This, Mr. Fly is the highest I can say even if it maybe makes no sense – you teach us how to fish and then let us cast the lines. (July 9, 2011)
- "Cheesetrader" (PPT Subscriber)
The PPT is a must for any professional investor. The PPT will enhance everything you have learned over the years. The PPT is a great tool not only for short term trading but more inportantly long term investing. The PPT enables an investor/trader to scan for their favorite features/statistics of any and all stocks. Rather than searching individual companies for countless hours, the PPT will target anything you may be looking for. Technicals? Check. Fundies? Check. Overbought/Oversold? Check. So do yourself a favor and give the PPT a look. One good stock pick will pay for a lifetime sub to the PPT. (July 10, 2011)
- "Bullish" (PPT Subscriber)
Wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my subscription to the PPT and to 12631. My accounts have never been healthier. Today is a good example, even when the Dow was down 280 points my accounts were green! I was lucky to have TAN, SOLR and RBCN. (All picked on 12631.) Chess has been advising safety for the last several weeks and I have followed his suggestion. At present I am 100 cash. My membership is the best purchase I will make all year!
- "Bill Trader" (PPT Subscriber)
"As a money manager, I am very skeptical products, as many products say they work wonders; however, constantly fail. To be honest, I was a little skeptical of the PPT; however, to be proved dead wrong. For one, the community gives me entertainment but more importantly it gives me interaction with other traders, which is hard to find. The actual tool itself provides me with various screeners that help me find trading ideas quicker, as well as the amazing hybrid scoring system. Hands down, there is no other scoring system better than Fly's PPT hybrid system - the accuracy is very scary. For the price, it's a no-brainer. All around, Fly is one of the best traders I know. Any subscriber will make the investment back within days. I am long the PPT, in SIZE."
- "VCUTRADER" (PPT Subscriber)
"I am thrilled to be a part of your incredible service. I've tried numerous investment products, Gorilla, Vector, Cabot, Market Spec, etc... some were okay. Nothing provides the entertainment and serious money making picks like your site! I've had good success so far. Have a Happy New Year and similar or even better success next year! We All Bank Coin in 2010!"
- "russell54" (PPT Subscriber)
"In addition to the PPT as a tool, I find a tremendous amount of value in your building "baskets" of securities to mirror the corresponding investment thesis. I hate to admit it, but in speaking with some of my retail clients, I quite often use your ideas as my own when we agree on a theme. Having access to the baskets via the PPT is much nicer than taking names from the public posts in which you sporadically list them."

"I am employed by a national wirehouse that spends untold $$millions on equity research, but more often than not, I find myself getting names from the godly folks IBC and for that I am much obliged....the monthly fee is one of the best investments I can make for my practice."
- Andy K. (PPT Subscriber)
"this community is the best there is in this game. thanks guys!"
- "gtg414g" (PPT Subscriber)
"Best thing I did this year was ignore twitter investment advice and concentrate on PPT."
- "joelweihe" (PPT Subscriber)
"Dear Fly, I'm up 300% YTD! I feel fully confident that with my 15+ years of investing/trading experience I can finally produce enormous gains on a consistent basis."
- Matthew Kersh,
Long Valley, NJ
"surprised you're "updating" the PPT, seems to be working pretty damn well to me, would be curious to hear what you are going to improve?? PPT and IBC is awesome. the monthly fee is chump change compared to what I spend on research and other services. great value."
- "DrBigBoss" (PPT Subscriber)
"Fly, Thanks for building a dynamic, vibrant, and professional platform for serious traders and investors. I used to subscribe to Vector Vest which was 'Dead and Sterile.' Thanks for helping me make serious coin."
- Steve Howard
Grover Beach, CA
"The annual membership here is the best investment I've made in 2009. It's like the ultimate equity mastermind group and I'm just thoroughly glad to be a part of it."
- "Dubz" (PPT Subscriber)
"The PPT is the best fundamentally based and most unique stock trading tool in the world bar none. I tried quite a few but nothing simply compares. Nothing."
- J. Cambria
Melbourne, Australia
"The PPT just saves me so much time. I love efficiency. I cannot imagine a faster and more effective tool for generating stock picks."
- Jeff Waite
Bratislava, Slovenska Republica
"The PPT's Hybrid Scoring System is a trading tool of the stock gods."
- Elias Deeb
Potomac, MD
"Since joining the PPT my portfolio has been climbing steadily. Before joining I was losing money on ETF's and bought stocks like people buy clothes, big names they recognize. Joining the PPT has been the best investment I've made this millennium."
- Rob (PPT Subscriber)
"Three days ago I decided to buy a PPT membership. It really is like night and day. Especially for a new trader. The amount of information that is made available to members blew my mind. Needless to say i made my years membership fee back in one day. Thanks for making the resource available to the public."
- S. Proctor (PPT Subscriber)
"The PPT is a really cool tool for every investor regardless if they buy securities for the long or short term. I particularly enjoy reading the opinion/insights of the different investors/traders that come together on PPT. PPT is worth the money!"
- "max_rene" (PPT Subscriber)
"Amazing how accurate the PPT is. I bought JADE last week when it was also ranked as a strong buy - still up 13%, it's held up so well despite the market. PPT also upgraded JADE to a strong buy in July and I managed to get out w/ a 24% gain. Thanks Fly & PPT!"
- "Jade37" (PPT Subscriber)
"In the past, I've joined other forums, used software and read various books. Always looking for the secret method. It feels like I've finally found it. Every single day I feel like Average Joe Trader but who's part of a very select group of highly experienced traders."
- "mda1125" (PPT Subscriber)
"Coming up on my 6-month anniversary here, and it's been the most fun (and profitable) six months of my life. The combination of the PPT as a trading tool, and the community as a braintrust, is producing something that's far greater than the sum of its parts. The PPT saves me from wading through pages of charts and importing fundamental data into spreadsheets. The community saves me from wading through pages of Yahoo message board blather."
- "Equalizer" (PPT Subscriber)
"[...] for actually minimal money, if you add the PPT subscription, you not only get to follow real time trades of a whole other group of very strong traders, but you get to use the PPT engine. And now that it is showing itself to be so reliable to call buy and sell points with the average hybrid scores, it gets "easier" (less risky) and easier to have successful trades.I don't have any agenda other than to identify and show respect to those who have been quite accurate and helpful for my family's investments, and to share what I've found to be helpful for making money in a difficult environment for a newbie like myself."
[full testimonial]
- "Lindsay" (PPT Subscriber)
"The PPT is awesome. I'm sure Fly made the PPT to use as a tool/screener, and while it is great for that, the user notes section/community vibe really is amazing!"
- "Mets57" (PPT Subscriber)
"I just wanted to thank all of you for being so generous with your wisdom. Joining the PPT was one of the best decisions I've ever made."
- "Kenai" (PPT Subscriber)
"Thanks so much for your efforts, Fly. The PPT was a bit overwhelming for me at the start, but it's starting to click now. My trading account peaked around mid-September then I damn near blew it up chasing all sorts of stupid stuff. I went from the peak all the way back to break-even for the year. After signing up for the PPT I have recouped about 60% of the gap from break-even to previous peak. Looking forward to PPT 2.0 and seeing what a full year with the PPT can do for my account."
- "PoPimp" (PPT Subscriber)
"I was an iBankCoin lurker for about a year. I joined the PPT last month. Using the tools and the expert's advice that live inside the PPT, I was able to bank almost 8% of my entire portfolio in December while the Dow was up only 80 points in the same period. In the first three trading days of 2010, I am up almost 5% of my entire portfolio with about 50% still in cash. These returns pale in comparison to some of the bloggers here but to me, it�s just the beginning of making a goal of 100% in one year. If I was "all in" like The Fly, it would be even more. If you are not in the PPT, you are missing a lot of great information. Do it now. You won�t regret it. Thanks to all of you who post here at the iBC and in the PPT. You are teaching me so much about trading."
- "Swinging for the Fences" (PPT Subscriber)
"I wanted to chime in and say a Big Thank You to the Fly for this service. I have no words to describe the power of the tools you've implemented here and the quality of the traders who post."
- Marc D. (PPT Subscriber)
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